Student Advancement Foundation



Create visual consistency across all touchpoints and sub-brands that align with GRPS

Help provide brand awareness and recognition.

Consider a new name and brand architecture


The problem with GRSAF is that they lack brand recognition. Not all of the schools know about them, and even those who do may not understand the full scope of the brand. Between unclear brand standards, altering names and taglines, and a cluttered website, they are facing an identity crisis for themselves and for their users.


By changing the name and using the same typeface and colors as GRPS, the foundation can better align as a brand and to the school they support. How this looks visually is still being explored.

The Donors

Users include corporate donors who are interested in seeing statistics and numbers that explain how their donation has impacted the schools. Another user is the personal donor: those who have a first-hand experience and emotional connection with the students. The parents of the students are another user, especially with sub brands like GR8 Sports, Great Kids.

“[People] don’t understand what
 Student Advancement means.”

A Disconnect

After a full audit of the brand, we compared the foundation to GRPS. It was clear that between different typeface styles, treatment, flames and colors, there is a visual disconnect between both brands.

Brand Architecture

At our first board meeting, we presented how visual consistency could create connection between both brands. We demonstrated two brand architecture possibilities to prove this.