Rosetta Stone



Help target Rosetta Stone toward a younger audience that can help future generations.

Create an interactive application and web interface that is affordable and engages learners in new technological ways.

Help learners understand not only the language, but the culture as well.


Rosetta Stone is not connected to culture, it’s not entertaining to use and it’s too expensive.


By clearly identifying what Rosetta Stone has to offer and giving users more resources and ways to learn, learners can find value in the price, and Rosetta Stone can better stand apart from their competition.

A shift in focus

Current campaigns target individuals from ages 25–35. However, this age range lacks the leisure time and money to learn a new language in the depth that Rosetta Stone offers. A new focus on children, combined with the current educator and employer users, benefits those who have the time and mental ability to learn a language that can benefit them throughout their life.

Language connects people.

Business system

Current brand colors were kept for brand recognition, while the use of a rounded typeface creates a more friendly appearance. The logo utilizes the “a” as two speech bubbles to represent language and the importance of connection.


Learners can connect, chat and test real people as they learn a language together in Groups. They can also experience the culture visually and audibly with 360° videos of the city in the language they are learning.

Social Media

The social media campaign introduces real people through a question and answer session. These photos are posted on both Facebook and Instagram. Bilingual language is also incorporated with the word “meet” followed by their name.

Little Rosetta Stone

Through my research, I found how important early language learning is (as early as age three). Not only can children process information faster and easier than adults, but learning a new language also leads to better problem solving and critical thinking skills, enhanced memory and better multi-tasking abilities. For these reasons, I found it important to elevate child’s learning by creating a sub brand. An app was created to help immerse children into a culture and language. The app is set up like a game, with characters that help users learn the language as they go.