Out There Film Festival

Experience design


Create a system of touchpoints that is cohesive, thoughtful and relative to the theme.

Consider attendee’s path and how they would experience each touchpoint.


Create a concept and unique, memorable experience for a film festival, including print, web and environmental graphics.


A festival about outdoor and survival movies that takes advantage of hiking terminology, references and rugged textures.

A film fest for the adventurous

Taking place in Portland, this festival is for a variety of people including: the outdoor adventurer who has a craving for the wilderness, camping and spending time on the trail, the movie buff and critic that enjoys movies of all kinds, especially those that leave him on the edge of his seat, and a group of friends who are looking for an interesting weekend activity that will allow them to spend time indoors and out.

Bold and dangerous, yet edgy and stylish


As one of the first touchpoints an attendee will interact with, the website provides the bold and sleek style that will be carried through the rest of their experience. Each menu item is marked by an X and the continuous line down the page references a trail as you scroll from point to point.


Each badge is unique to the visitor. There is one for speakers, the volunteers, or “Park Rangers”, and the attendees, or “Hikers.” Inside each badge there is a brochure that folds up like map. This is the guide to the festival, and contains the full schedule of events, a map to each of the venues as well as nearby hotels, restaurants and stores.


As attendees travel from venue to venue, they will see wayfinding graphics on the ground. The arrows and distance mimic trail signs, and create another reference to hiking. Each venue is found with an “X marks the spot” and location number, which also ties back to the X’s marking each location on the Field Guide map.


The gear acts as an extension to the brand. Attendees can purchase camp and outdoor related items such as a beanie, tin cup and long sleeve tee.