Event design


Achieve Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation’s (GRSAF) goal of raising $325,000

Help eliminate common misconceptions of Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS) as an urban school district

Raise awareness of GRSAF and GRPS

Leverage 15 year anniversary


Create a concept and design an event for MindShare 2018: an annual gala to raise money for the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation. The event had to include everything from a website, to invitations, to environmental graphics.


The concept, “Build on a foundation for student success” is about the idea of building blocks, and how the foundation provides components (such as opportunities and supplies) for the students of GRPS.

The donors

Attendees at the event include corporate donors who give $10–20K and are looking to network to promote their company. They are interested in seeing statistics and numbers that explain how their donation has impacted the schools. Another attendee is the personal donor: those who have a first-hand experience and emotional connection with the students. They would also like to know how the foundation’s efforts support the students.

Help build on a foundation for student success.


After researching past Mindshare events and the foundation, we sat down as a group and began word listing. We narrowed down the list to our five favorite words and then looked up synonyms for those words. It was from this that we came up with three concepts to present to the client: build, connect and invest.

We Are GR Ad

An advertisement for the event in the local newspaper, We Are GR, was the first touchpoint needed for the event.


The program combines many of the lists and information that were originally separate pieces on the table. It also includes an insert of the itinerary to play on the concept of layers and building.


The banners are placed outside of main entrance points at the event. They give a quick glimpse into the initiatives done by the foundation. Table tents inside the ballroom later build off these initiatives by providing more details.


A 4 foot tall foam 15 will be the focal point on stage at the night of the event to celebrate MindShare’s 15th anniversary.