Web Design


Position the brand to attract millennials: the market Ebay wants to target

Create a sleek, updated interface that will attract millennials

Help create a better reputation and name for Ebay


The American Marketing Association (AMA) approached our design class to redesign Ebay as part of their marketing competition. As a company, Ebay has some major trust issues with its buyers. Reports of people getting scammed and sellers feeling like are being taken advantage of has left Ebay low on the search results page, and out of people’s minds. At the same time, the company is trying to position themselves as site that also sells new products, and approach millennials as their target market: a group with high expectations.


According to Forbes, “millennials prefer companies that give to charity,” and further research showed that Ebay already does this, but doesn’t make it known. By bringing forth charities as a concept behind Ebay’s brand, they can better appeal to it’s target audience and create a unique brand position that can help them stand apart from competitors.

The Millennial

The Millennial Shopper wants control over their purchases, and knows what they want. They want content tailored to their interests, relevant search results and trustworthy sellers. They are highly driven by reviews from their peers and the ability to share on social media. They are attracted to brands linked to social responsibility and are sensitive to authenticity.

Millennials represent $2.45 trillion in spending power and are 60% more likely to engage with brands that discuss social causes, according to Cone Communications. 



Extensive research and an audit of Ebay was done as a class. Through this, we found many underlying issues of the site as well as who are target market is.

Ebay Charities

Currently, Ebay does support charities but doesn’t make it known. A link to the Ebay Charities can be found hidden at the very bottom of the footer. But once the page is found, very little information about the charity is given, and the sellers are hardly recognized as a supporter.

Pattern Library

After wireframing, a pattern library was created and later converted into symbols in Sketch for fast prototyping.

Charity Seller Page

The seller profile page recognizes the seller as a charity supporter with a heart next to their name. It also mentions how much they’ve donated and who they give to.

Product Page

The clutter of information that was originally on product page has been removed, making it more appealing to the young buyer.


A visual timeline and map of your package will help create trust and confidence for the buyers.