Rebrand a local arts organization to include print collateral, web experience, and interior design.

Help recruit younger customers and increase awareness of brand


Artworks offers many different programs, events and spaces, but each feel separated from each other. The current bright colors and splatter paint design also make the brand feel oudated and uncoordinated.


The concept, “Art Works at Home,” is centered around the idea of making a customer feel at home no matter if they are engaging in store, online or in the environment. Language and copy is all based on this idea as well, and contributes to the small-town, personable feel.


Artworks current archetype include the boomer generation, but with the nearby college of over 14,000 students, owners of this arts organization would also like to attract a younger audience as well.

Art Works at Home


A new layout of the first floor includes a “hangout” spot to talk, do homework or drink coffee. Another area is for the “featured style”: a way to showcase different styles of homes and how art might “work” in that space.

Point Tracker

Part of the app is a built in point system. Every time a user engages with Artworks or purchases from the gift shop, they gain points which eventually turn into rewards.